The T20 World Cup 2024 is the grandest stage for all the cricketers to display their range of skills in World Cricket in the limited overs format. Over the years, a select few batters have done things other batters only dreamed of. The T20 World Cup has brought in a lot of heavyweights and some stroke-makers with all kinds of finesse. This piece looks at the Top 5 T20 World Cup Batsmen of All Time who had an impact in their eras at dominating the competition.

1. Chris Gayle

No discussion about T20 World Cup batting is complete without mentioning the brilliant Chris Gayl. The hard-hitting Jamaican has proved to be a deadly adversary in the T20 World Cup with quite a lot of superb performances. He holds that record but five years later, he smashed an unbroken 175 against Poland in the 2007 event.

Gayle proved once as well as for all that she could stop any bowling attack during that historic knock against Poland. In an impressive display of pure power hitting, he hammered 16 sixes and 7 fours off just 117 deliveries. With his characteristic carefree style, Gayle ruthlessly dismissed anything that was a little too high-pitched or too low, leaving the Polish bowlers with no way to counterattack. For more than eight years, his 175 without a wicket stood as the highest individual score in a World Cup match until his own incredible 215 against Zimbabwe eclipsed it.

2. Virat Kohli

A masterful T20 World Cup batsman of his era or of all time Virat Kohli is a phenomenon. Kohli on the other hand averages more than 80 and strikes at over 130 in the competition and is a consistent performer for India but he will be a touch wary of a few areas where he needs to be careful.

3. Brendon McCullum

The aggressive batting is largely influenced from Brendon McCullum who has featured as one of the best in the history of the T20 World Cup due to his performances in the same. Mighty with a bat, his brilliant quick-fire 109 off 58 balls against Australia in the group phase was typical of the former New Zealand captain, who was the architect of his side’s victory in the 2016 tournament. 

4. Kevin O’Brien

Kevin O’Brien 113 off 63 against England in the 2011 T20 World Cup- This is the innings that no cricket fan in the word could ever forget that for the rest of his/her life. Plus, the greatest innings by an Irish allrounder, almost single-handedly orchestrating a victory for his country, the likes of which had not been seen before on the grandest stage in the world. He had the ability to absorb pressure and then ‘bang’ shift gears and the bowlers had no idea how to deal with him.

5. Mahela Jayawardene

When Mahela Jayawardene played in the T20 World Cup, his grace and class were evident. The former captain of Sri Lanka was an expert in the format, combining speedy scoring with technical skill. Jayawardene is a tremendous asset in the shortest format because his calm knocks frequently set the stage for his team’s win.

6. Paul Stirling

Paul Stirling has been the linchpin of Ireland through the T20 World Cup providing them with numerous match-winning knocks from time to time. He has a dynamic personality-, loves to take the attack on to the opposition bowlers and is a very dangerous player, especially if he had stayed in the first 6 in the order. Stirling has gone a long way towards shaping Ireland’s success in the 20-20 format.

7. Shahid Afridi

Watching Shahid Afridi bat in the Twenty20 World Cup was always a show. The former all-rounder from Pakistan was renowned for his powerful hitting and ability to use his willow to completely change the course of a game. Afridi became a fan favourite in the shortest format because of his aggressive attitude as well as ability to cross boundaries at ease.

8. Glenn Maxwell

The Australian all-rounder can dominate a game with his audacious strokeplay. Certainly, Maxwell is one of the most entertaining T20 batters to watch due to the fact he can hit a six at will and his wide repertoire of unorthodox shots.

9. Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina has become the most important part of this Indian team throughout the T20 World Cup out of his consistency, and flexibility.. When needed, the left-handed hitter may give the innings stability and drive. With his odd powerful hit and his ability to detect holes as well as spin the strike, Raina is a dangerous opponent in the shortest format.

10. Jos Buttler

One of the most lethal T20 batsmen to have played in the T20 World Cup also known for his aggressive batting and rapid scoring rate. Professionalists and fans appreciate the way that the English wicket-manager batter has the skill to too fast manage an amusement blowing away all and sundry from my few overs and the second one is Buttler, who is a priceless product for any squad with his penepliary striking and versatility in all the game plans.


The T20 World Cup has become a hub for some astonishing batting performances. The biggest tournament, which is seen by players around the world, is their batting performance. Some of the best batting talent in the world have graced the competition: whether it is the silken shots of Virat Kohli and Mahela Jayawardene to the brute force of Chris Gayle and Shahid Afridi, there is something for everyone in this style of cricket. Even though these cricketers will go down in the books as legends and will inspire players of the ICC T20 World Cup 2024, new faces will come in who will dazzle the viewer with their silky batsmanship efficiently. The T20 World Cup is no doubt the stage for the batsmen to show their skills and leave their imprints in the game as the game grows and new stars crop up.

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