Journey River Green Lifestyle, Height, Age & More

Journey River Green is an adorable baby boy of two celebrities, Megan Fox and Brian Austin. The father of Journey River is an American series actor, while her mother, Megan, is a well-known actress and highly paid model. 

In today’s article, we will cover some critical aspects of Brian Green’s life as an actor, Megan Fox’s Net Worth in 2022, the age, height, and other body features of this baby boy, and much more.

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Quick Wiki of Journey River Green

Full Name: Journey River Green 

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States of America 

Current Age: 6 six years old.

Height: 3.5 ft 

Profession: Celebrity Kid 

Hair Color: Golden blonde 

Eyes Color: dark green 

School Going? YES

Nationality: American 

Relationship with Megan Fox and Brain Austin: Son 

Family Details of Journey River:

His mother, Megan Fox, is 13 years older than his father, Brian Austin Green. Bodhi Ransom Green and Noah Shannon Green are his two older brothers. Compared to Noah Shannon and Bodhi Ransom, he is 3 and 4 years younger, respectively. Besides the two brothers he has with his father from a prior relationship, he also has an older stepbrother named Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green. He is Fox and Brian’s third kid. Megan even moved to a new location for her third child, a boy, because she is so devoted to his younger child.

Journey River Green’s Siblings Details

He has two other brothers, Noah Shannon Green and Bodhi Ransom Green, linked to him through their respective families. Kassius, born to his stepmother’s kid, is his biological brother.

Some Details and Events on Journey’s Mother’s Megan Fox

While shooting for the television program Hope & Faith, Megan met Brian. The actress was only 18 years old, despite Green is 30 years old. Because of their significant age differences, Green’s entry into the relationship was awkward, but as an actress, she was more bold and confident.

The couple stated that they got engaged in November of 2006. After dating for several years, the pair wed on June 24, 2010, in a small ceremony.

They have three small children and are proud parents of them. Their divorce has become the current news headline because they have previously divorced. A singer named Machine Gun Kelly is presently dating a model.

When he published his song Bloody Valentine, with Fox appearing in the music video as a featured actor, they made their relationship public. The Transformers actress and Green, whom she had been married to since 2011, filed for divorce in November 2020.

Controversies and Rumors Regarding Married Life

Fox and Brian’s parents engaged in a judicial battle concerning the custody of their infant son. Fox states in a public interview that her ex-husband is drunk, making her feel like a horrible parent. Fox felt unimportant compared to Green when he posted a photo of himself and his youngest child celebrating Halloween with other family members edited out.

As soon as she saw his tweet, she replied, pleading with him not to seem like she doesn’t care for her kids when other kids are around and said she had a wonderful Halloween with her kids and family. Green then deleted the picture and swapped it out for a copy of the original.

When Machine Gun Kelly Was Introduced to Megan’s Children?

Kelly, Megan’s partner, got to know her kids for the first time in 2020. Only a few days had passed since their special night in Santa Monica, and they were still in love. After dating him for a while, she realized that having children with her partner was the logical next step in their relationship.

They are constructing their future together, and their ties to one another are unbreakable. Kelly’s interactions with the kids quickly make her a significant figure in their lives. The gorgeous pair enjoys as much time as they can spend together.

Megan Fox titled Ellen as a Good Luck Sign 

Megan referred to Ellen during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as a “reproductive good luck charm.” When she arrived at the show, Megan announced she was expecting her first child.

She had just given birth to a second kid at the time of her second appearance on the show. She discussed her kids and her challenges when filming a movie while carrying her second child, Bodhi, on the show. She was in the middle of shooting the action movie Ninja Turtles, which needed her to run, jump, and do stunts.

Some Crips About Brian Austin as an Actor

  • American actor Brian Austin Green has $8 million in assets. 
  • Performs on the guitar, drums, and piano.
  • Shen Productions, his music production firm, was founded.
  • In charge of Brian Austin Green Productions, his production firm.
  • Starred in a commercial in the middle of the 1980s alongside Jason Marsden, another kid actor.
  • He played drums on one song from Wikked ‘Lil Grrrls, Esthero’s second album.
  • George is Green’s child.
  • He met Megan Fox in November 2006 and became engaged.
  • Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn are close friends of his.
  • Is a major fan of the actress Linnea Quigley from Scream Queens.
  • Probably Brian Green’s most notable performance is as David Silver in the enduring television series Beverly Hills 90210.
  • According to the news, he is dating Sharna Burgess, and sources confirmed they are very happy welcoming their newborn and first kid. 

Net Worth of Journey River Green

As Megan Fox’s kid Journey River Green is very small to earn something. So,  the details of his mother’s Net Worth is around $8.5 million according to 2022. 

Facts About Megan Fox That You Didn’t Know Earlier

  • The full name of Journey River Green’s Mother is Megan Denise Fox.
  • She got many tattoos around her body.
  • She loves animals and has goats, cats, dogs, and pigs in her farmhouse.
  • When she started her professional life, she worked as a cashier at a smoothie and shook local shop.
  • She is a famous, highly paid model and beautiful actress working in many fields. 

As far as Journey River Green is concerned, he is a beautiful mix of two wonderful people and blessed to be like that.