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Kathy Ambush Biography & Wiki

The Ex-Wife of Clarence Thomas, Kathy Ambush, has a mixed race and holds American citizenship.

Thomas has been in his current position for over thirty years, filling in as partner equity of the US Supreme Court.

This blog will cover the Biography of Kathy, her age and early education details, family, siblings, and Net worth.

Quick Biography

The exact date of Kathy Ambush’s birth is unclear. She’s in her fifties right now. She is American-born and of mixed ethnicity. Her zodiac sign is Aries. She was born on the American continent. The biography of Kathy Ambush has not yet been found on Wikipedia, and we guess soon Wikipedia will inform us about her. Most of her personal history is unknown. Kathy Ambush is a woman with a good education.

Kathy Ambush

Her Bodily Measurements

  • She is tall, 1.65 meters, or 165 cm, and stands at 5 feet 5 inches.
  • She is 55 kg in weight (121 lbs). She has blonde hair and lovely warm brown eyes.
  • The exact dimensions of Kathy Ambush are unknown. She is 36-32-43 centimeters in length.

Parents and Sibling’s Details

She was born into a middle-class family. Nelson Ambush is her father; he supported the family by working as a dental technician. The identities of her mother and siblings have not yet been made public.

How Kathy Ambush Met Clarence Thomas?

The father of Kathy was a dental technician by profession, and Kathy grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts. While attending Worcester, Massachusetts’ College of the Holy Cross, Clarence had the opportunity to meet her.

The day after Clarence graduated from college, on June 5, 1971, Kathy and Clarence were married in All Saints Episcopal Church in Worcester. Their relationship deteriorated; they separated in 1981 and divorced in 1984. The couple’s sole child, Jamal Adeen, was born in 1973.

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Kids Details of Kathy

Jamal Adeen Thomas is the name of the son Kathy Ambush had with her ex-husband.

American actor and television personality Jamal Adeen Thomas is from the country. His most notable television appearances were in FBI: Most Wanted, Grey’s Anatomy, and Entourage.

Some Interesting Facts About Clarence Thomas Children

The life of Clarence Thomas is fascinating. He was a judge on Supreme Court for many years. He is a conservative Republican and an ardent opponent of liberalism and affirmative action. However, Clarence Thomas also has two offspring: his son Kenzo and daughter Jane, married to Tony Williams.

Jamal and Mark are Clarence Thomas’ two kids.

The son of Thomas’s first marriage is Jamal. He has done his law degree from the University of Virginia in 2001 and is currently employed.

Thomas’s kid with his second wife is named Mark. He has done his graduation from Yale University in 2020 and is now enrolled at Harvard Law School to pursue a legal education.

Real Names of Clarence Thomas’s Kids

Jamal and Mark are Clarence Thomas’ two kids. Thomas’s first marriage to Kathy Ambush produced Mark. From his second marriage to Virginia Lamp, Thomas has a son named Jamal.

Thomas’s first union was annulled. In 1987, he wed Virginia Lamp. Jamal, their only child together, was born. 2007 saw Virginia Lamp’s passing.

Thomas wed Ginny Thorne, a lawyer, and close friend, in 2008. The two kids that Thomas has with Ginny Thorne are her stepchildren.

Age Details of Kids

Jamelle and Mark are Clarence Thomas’ two children. Jamelle is Thomas’s first-born child from that union. She was a 1974 baby. Thomas’s kid with his second wife is named Mark. His birth year was 1987.

Thomas has expressed how close he is to his kids and how much joy they bring to his life. In addition, he has stated that despite his demanding schedule as a Supreme Court Justice, he is putting in as much effort as possible.

Kathy Ambush Ex Wife

Birthplace and Nationality

Jamal and Markita Thomas, the children of Clarence Thomas, were both born in 1986. Thomas’s first marriage produced a child, Markita. The son of Thomas’s second marriage is Jamal.

Jamal and Markita have both led incredibly prosperous lives. Markita is a physician, and Jamal is an attorney. They both earned degrees from Ivy League institutions.

Jamal and Markita frequently visit their father in Virginia since they are close to him. Additionally, they get along well with Virginia Thomas, their stepmother.

A prominent family member of Clarence Thomas is Virginia Thomas. She frequently talks at gatherings and even wrote a book about her spouse’s life.

The children of Clarence Thomas are multi-national.

Jamal, his daughter, is a mixed-race child. Michael, his kid, is black. She was born in 1986. She has a black and white admixture. Kathy Ambush, Thomas’s ex-wife, is her mother. Michael Thomas, Clarence Thomas’ son, was born in 1989. He’s black. Virginia Lamp, Thomas’s wife at the time, is his mother.

Education Information

Michael received his degree from Harvard University in 2011, while Jamal graduated from Yale University in 2008.

Where Do They Live in the United States of America?

The children of Clarence Thomas live all around the country. Jamal Thomas, his oldest son, lives in Virginia with his wife and two small kids.

Mark Thomas, his second son, also resides in Virginia with his wife and three small children.

Leah Thomas, his daughter, resides in Maryland with her husband and little children.

John Thomas, the eldest son of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, lives in Florida with his wife and two young girls.


Information Regarding Kathy Ambush’s Career

Kathy Ambush has kept her job and previous employment a secret. She is well-known, though, for being Clarence Thomas’ ex-wife.

Net Worth and Income of Kathy Ambush

She makes an effort to keep information about her private and individual life very discreet. She has never been observed openly discussing her earnings and incomes.

Unknown Details About Her

  • While Kathy and Thomas were still legally married, her ex-spouse began seeing lobbyist Virginia Lamp when they had just started their separation.
  • She stays away from the majority of social networking sites.
  • She rarely opens up about her personal information.