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A Spanish actress named Ester Exposito, born on 26 january 2000.  Having a height of 1.66m,good look, and a passionate artist she gained fame in the artistic world. She is well known for her role as Carla Roson Caleruga in drama series Elite, which is broadcast on netflix.

 From a very young age, she was interested in acting and modeling. After finishing her studies at theage of 16, she took admission in acting courses. She started work for the first time in 2016, in Vis a Vis on Antena 3. In the same year, she also signed another documentary Medical center.  

Ester Exposito gained international fame by working in drama Series Elite. In 2013 and 2015, she won the Madrid Theater Awards as a best actress of the film industry.

Her superb sense of style and good look are the major makings of a successful model. She behaves naturally in front of the camera and her face features make her  act more powerful. 

Ester Expostio is a multi-talented personality that has been shown from instagram stories and her dancing videos. Not only are artistic characters her part of life, she also spends her free time swimming, hiking, musical concerts, and many other get together with friends. She also attends rallies about feminism, as  she is passionate about it.

Ester’s Wallpapers

List of Most Popular Movies and TV Shows with Ester Exposito

  • Elite (2018)
  • Vis a Vis (2015-2019)
  • Your Son (2018)
  • You Keep the Kids(2021)
  • Someone Has to Die (2020)
  • May God Save Us(2016)
  • When Angels Sleep(2018)
  • Rainbow(2022)

To remain in touch with followers, Ester Exposito makes daily memories and shares them with her fans on instagram or facebook official pages. These pages are given below.

Ester’s Instagram page

Ester’s Facebook page

Ester’s Movies

At a very young age, Ester Exposito made recognition in movies as well. She worked in a lot of movies, some of them are described below.

You Keep the Kids

You Keep the Kids was released in 2021,and directed by Dani de la Orden. In which Ester acts as Claudia the vice president of the baby sitters club.The movie is totally a funny and comedy base. 

The story is between Flora and Victor, the parents of three children. When they get divorced. They both fight to avoid getting custody of their children. 

Your Son

Your son was released in 2018 and directed by Miguel Angel Vivas. The story tells us the main character of a grieving father. When his son got seriously injured and sent to the hospital. Actually he was injured by a stranger, father tries to find them to take revenge without thinking about any consequences.

In which Ester Exposito acts as a widow with two childrens. She works as a model and takes pictures and photo shoots before and after marriage. She works for their children as she is the single parent of them.

Estoy Vivo

Estoy Vivo is an action, adventure and fantasy movie released in 2017. The film is totally related to crime and also comedy elements.

A policeman chasing a killer and at a specific time interval he is left alone and dies.  After 5 year later he was reincarnated as another policeman. 

Ester Exposito acts as Ruth in Estoy Vivo. And it was her first recurring role in a film industry, the character of Ruth in estoy vivo. Later she got fame and worked for many movies, series and TV shows.

TV Shows & Facts

Ester Exposito is not only a star of movies but also worked in many theater, series and TV shows. Here is the list of some popular TV shows given below.

  • I am Alive (2017-2021)
  • Alguien tiene que morir (2020)
  • La caza Monte Perdido (2019)
  • Hollywood Insider (2019)
  • Veneno (2020)

In the beginning of 2017, her participation in the new Netflix TV show ‘I am Alive’ was announced. The show was completed in 2021, where Ester Exposito portrayed the character of Ruth and made it successful.

 At the start of 2019, Ester Exposito worked for the TV show named La caza Monteperdido. She plays the character of Lucia Castan Grau, as a disappeared girl.

 In 2020, she got an opportunity to play the character of Machus Osinaga, a journalist from the talk show of Mississippi. She signed the talk show with great excitement and made it worldwide.

Ester Exposito Facts

  • Ester Exposito feel proud of her feminist personality and make struggle for differents feminism activities.
  • She only knows the Spanish language but is trying her best for the English language as well to work in the film industry worldwide.
  • She keeps a dream to appear in a comedy movie. Still she wants to go back to theater acting.
  • The dance video that has been uploaded by herself was appreciated by her followers and got fame in a few hours.
  • She is also a model, but when she is not working with shots put her precious time to build a strong modeling career.
  • Ester is not habitual of the use of phones. While in her free time, she tried to breathe deeply by listening to music.
  • Her family owns a winery.
  • She keeps a very short term relationship with whom she worked in movies or series.
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