Need to know about electrode pads, you had never known about? Here is the complete explanation that electrode pads are also known as TEN pads, these pads are used in the TENs machine. These machines are used for pain relief and other medical reasons. As much as these pads are comfortable and best that much their effectiveness is felt by the patient. In this market, many companies are producing the best products but before making any decision you need to know about the product. This blog will help you out with it. 

Which of them is the right TEN pad, you should choose

The important thing you should know about choosing a TENs unit pad is that these pads must contain adhesive quality and durability which is generally the priority of every product, these pads should be sticky and their stickiness must remain after multiple uses. These pads are reusable so they must work as well as they can. As some people have allergic skin and problems like that, for them most considerable pads should be hypoallergenic adhesive. That can promise the patient safe and better treatment.

Most importantly after checking their durability, quality and performance ability. Do check if they are compatible with your TEN machine. Because all the use of these pads are with these machines and if you are facing a problem in setting it with your machine. This would be a great issue for you.

Because different connection types are differently compatible with machines in the market. So choose wisely the one that goes with your needs. Focus on following all the instructions given to you, to maximize its use and lifespan efficiently. 

Choose the perfect shape and size required

This is important that the product you choose efficiently fits your machine, because if they fit well. Their work will be more efficient. When you treat your patient, you can easily track the impulses in their skin wherever it is needed. This way the patient will get the treatment the exact way it should without any issue. If they will fit perfectly, then they will be able to hit the right spot to relieve muscle pain and muscle tension. Also, better compatible sizes will give you a better experience which will be comfortable.

Due to impulse interaction, there will be no issue of shifting and irritation during treatment and the whole process will go as perfect as it should. Talking about versatility, perfect and different shapes and sizes help to treat different body parts distinctly and perfectly. Choosing the perfect sizes and different shapes will help you treat individual body parts or any process in a very soothing way. So it is obvious that with any other inspection, going with perfect sizes and shapes is more important than anything. If they do not fit, their investment will be wasted.

Use of the electrode pads correctly

You must know about the perfect use of these pads along with the machines as if you know their perfect use. You can use it effectively.

  1. Skin cleaning: before using the pads, the most important thing is that the skin should be cleaned, it should not contain any kind of sticky oil, cream or even powder. Because these things on the skin will reduce the stickiness of the pads and the result will not be a perfect interaction with the skin. And that area that is going to be under treatment should be shaved or hair-free. If there is a need to shave, surely go with it but the area should be perfectly clean. Before using the pads, ensure the use of alcohol swabs or specialized vibes.
  2. Pads maintenance: Set up the pads efficiently, and try that no dirt comes with the contact. Even if you feel less stickiness, carefully clean the pads with wipes and ensure that all the wires and connections are undisturbed. To avoid cross-contamination, ensure the use of individuals at once. 
  3. During treatment: while using and removing pads, ensure that they hold them tight with the edges, and try to use more than two pads to maximize effectiveness. Set them up at exact areas and adjust the considerable distance in all the pads. These pads should not touch each other but also not be so far that minimize their effectiveness.
  4. After treatment: when treatment is done you remove the pads by storing them in a ziplock bag to prevent any dryness. Check if there is any redness or irritation and if there is, quickly discontinue. Moisturize or apply gel to the area to avoid such redness and provide relief to the skin. Also, ensure that pads should not be stored in high temperature or direct sunlight. 
  5. Storage: ensure that wherever you are strong the pads should be stored flats. To avoid any disturbance with their shape. Do check if you store it away from high temperatures and very low freezing temperatures like in a freezer or refrigerator. Because it will negatively affect its performance.

Place the pad in the correct area

Use the pads at the correct place meanwhile where the treatment is required to relieve pain and using them on perfect muscles will maximize their effectiveness and give you better results in treatment. Because perfect use is crucial to get perfect results.


Sometimes heavy pain in muscles causes unusual irritation in patients’ lives and when they decide to get treated with the best machines. However, the patient was disappointed due to the wrong use and wrong pads in treatment. This will affect your treatment credibility and reduce patient satisfaction. So you must ensure all the aspects of the pads you are choosing for machines. Like perfect shapes and sizes, good quality and durability etc. However, if you are thinking of using disposable ECG electrodes, these electrodes are also a good option you can try. Moreover, it is important to go with a complete inspection to give the best results under your treatment process, as machines and other products play a vital role. 

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