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How many jobs are available in public utilities – Updated 2022

Public utilities provide provided to the public, including electricity and water, gas and sewerage. Most of the time, they are controlled by the state, which means you can be assured of high wages as well as job stability. Before we examine the number of jobs available in the public utility sector, we must know what the jobs available in the public utility sector are, what they’re like of jobs, and the amount you can earn in this industry.

What is the Public Utility positions?

The sector of public utilities supplies essential services for households and businesses . This encompasses a variety of occupations including engineers, workers , to customers service reps.

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 2.5 million people are employed in the public utility industry. This includes working in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity natural gas, natural gas, wastewater treatment and water purification. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 2.5 million people.

With the growing population, the expanding of cities, as well as the growth of the economy, a lot of jobs are now available in the public utilities.

How Many Jobs are Available in Public Utilities?

As we’ve said before there are many kinds of jobs that are available for those working in public service. However, certain fields might require more education than others. The amount of jobs available depends on the nature of the service and also the specific requirements of the particular state.

Based on the growing economic growth, population growth and the growing cities, a lot of jobs are being offered in the public utility sector. If you’re looking to move into the utility sector it is an ideal time to do so.


How Many Jobs Are Available In Public Utilities Updated 2022


In the USA the public utilities sector are under the control of the government to ensure that basic services like water, electricity, and sanitation are all available to everyone.

Electricity Public Utility Department:

In the year 2022, at the time of its beginning, more than 172,000 employees worked for the US electricity power department. There are many kinds of electricity-related services, such as:

    • Underground utilities, utility location services
    • Electrical services
    • Rural utilities
    • Electrical contractor services
    • Services of the Public Electric Utility

In all, there will be over 7.5 million jobs available in the Energy sector by 2022’s close across the USA.

Natural Gas:

Recent data show that it was discovered that the department of natural gas has over 9.8 millions of jobs while the capricious petroleum and petrol gas department has over 2.1 million positions.

Water and Waste Management:

Two of the most important sectors that fall under waste and water management include the supply of water and the maintenance of sewage. The industry of water and waste management serves mostly for families as well as for companies. The primary function of this sector is to oversee the entire water supply, from making clean water available to cleaning wastewater.

Public Service Sector:

There are many public sector services like police and fire departments as well as public schools and many more. The department that is part of the public sector has greater than 20.2 million workers throughout all of the USA.

3.) What is the various kinds of Public Utilities?

There are many different public utility industries, but the two most prevalent categories are water and electricity. It is the electric utility sector that is accountable for production as well as distribution of electric power and the water utility sector is accountable for providing safe water and recycling water.

If you’re interested to find out how many jobs are available in the public utilities, then it is important to know that the regulations are state-based. For instance that there is the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power employs more than 8000 employees, and there is the New York City Department of Environmental Protection includes more than 4000 employees.

With the change to the new economy thousand jobs have been becoming available for those working in public utility companies across the nation.

4.) What’s the average salary for employees in the public utility sector?

When you’re planning your future for the many jobs that are available in public utilities You must know the range of salaries for those working in the public utilities sector. Salary ranges depend on the job description. For example, a government utility manager could earn up to an annual salary of $85,000. Here’s the list of the most lucrative jobs within the public utility sector, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Utility JobsSalary Range(Year)
Water Resource Specialist$61,000 – $292,5000
Nuclear Criticality Safety$73,500 – $172,000
Nuclear Licensing Engineer$44,500 – $145,500
Utility Manager$62,500 – $142,000
Power Plant Engineer$96,500 – $136,500
Power Engineer$$87,500 – 135,500
Power System Dispatcher$48,500 to $125,000
Radiation Engineer$73,000 – $123,000
Gas Controller$62,500 – $120,000
Substation Engineer$92,000 – $120,000
Power System Engineer$81,500 – $115,500
Power Transmission Engineer$70,000 – $115,500
Transmission Engineer$81,000 – $112,000
Water Resource Engineer$75,000 – $106,500
Transmission Line Engineer$79,500 – $104,500
Power Distribution Engineer$79,500 – $101,500
Pipeline Controller$79,500 – $100,000
Substation Operator$33,000 – $99,000
Journeyman Lineman$71,000 – $95,500
Radiation Safety Officer$58,000 – $95,000
Water Superintendent$55,000 – $94,500
Energy Efficiency Engineer$67,500 – $90,000
Power Line$59,000 – $88,000
Wind Turbine Engineer$37,000 – $87,000
Utility Engineer$46,000 – $85,500


If you’re interested in the number of jobs offered in public utilities You must identify the right department. Based on your experience qualifications, education and experience you could choose from lucrative jobs such as Engineers and superintendents, controllers and specialists. Also, you can choose jobs such as employees, or customer service. Based on your skills, you may be able to be considered for a position in the correct department.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I) Do you think that obtaining a job with the Public Utility sector an option for a steady career?

They are run by the government, employees are paid a fair pay and the security of their jobs. It is also less affected by fluctuations in the economy. If you’re seeking a job that offers high-quality benefits and security, then a job with a public utility might be the right choice for you.

II) Does the public utility company owned by the government or privately-owned?

In the USA All public utility companies are run and controlled by state governments. Therefore, the majority of jobs are regarded as government-run offices.

II) What number of public utilities do you have across the USA?

In the USA there are over 3000 public utility agencies. They supply gas, water and electricity, as well as safety and even education for the citizens across the state. Each state has their own regulations and rules in this area and they differ between states.

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