If you are looking forward to maintaining your SUV, truck, or car, then you will not like learning about the vehicle suspension system. However, the suspension system is much more important than anyone can think. This article will explain how to extend the suspension system’s lifespan and its various companies, allowing you to drive safely and be more comfortable.

What do you mean by the vehicle maintenance system?

A car’s suspension system comprises many parts, some quite large and others pretty small. These parts range from the tires to the joints and bearings. The system’s sole purpose is to support your vehicle and absorb the shocks while going through bumpy roads and various other obstacles while controlling the car.

All components of the car suspension system are interconnected and must function appropriately to keep car parts like axles, brakes, etc., working. You can find complete Ford Air Suspension Kits at X2Industries now!

Car Suspension Components:

The car suspension parts inclusive of many components like:

Joints, bushings, and bearings: These parts are allowed to connect with many other parts for the suspension system and will allow the various components to twist and slide for the best functioning.

Springs: The metal coil is known to absorb the impact once the car hits the obstacle or bump while traveling or moving down any road.

Shock Absorber: Not all vehicles are allowed to have shock absorbers. However, vehicle owners should know that these absorbers add extra cushion and strength to springs to help with shocks and bumps.

Tires: The wheels will add extra suspension components to help with bumps and other shocks.

Stabilizer bar: Sway or stabilizer bars help maintain the car’s balance and it will help the car from rolling over.

Rods: The rods here will work the steering linkage for transferring the steering wheel movement and connecting various suspension parts.

Also, these parts are allowed to work together to keep the vehicle passengers from getting jostled at every curve or bump in roads while allowing the driver to control the car.

How can you extend the lifespan of the vehicle suspension system?

Here are some of the ways that will help you in extending the life span of your vehicle suspension system:

Regular maintenance and inspection:

Regular maintenance and inspection are effective ways to help you extend the lifespan of the suspension system. Also, look for ways to build up the routine schedule to check for signs of improper installation. The complete inspection here involves the following:

  • Air and leaf springs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Bushings
  • Axle alignment
  • Hangers and springs
  • Adjustable torque rods

Pay close attention during the inspection and look for manufacturing specifications to ensure the components’ adjusting, installation, and alignment.

Axle Balance and Alignment:

Ensuring your axles are correctly aligned and balanced significantly extends the lifespan and enhances your suspension system’s overall performance. When axles are misaligned, tires, suspension, and other drivetrain parts of the car are exposed to premature wear and tear. Maintaining appropriate axle alignment requires you to ensure the ride height and the distance between the axles are the same.

  • Ensure that your trailer axle’s alignment complies with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The vehicle’s toe settings should be changed to avoid uneven tire wear.

Suspension balance is vital for maintaining control when driving, especially when negotiating curves. Maintaining the balance of your suspension requires routinely checking for old or damaged springs, ensuring your tires are correctly filled, and staying within your vehicle’s payload capacity.

Components Lubrication:

Lubrication of suspension components is essential for reducing tear, friction, and wear. Also suitable or grease lubricant for areas like:

  • Bushings and kingpins
  • Equalizer beams
  • Spring pins and slack adjusters
  • Pivolt bolt connections
  • Spring eye bushings

Replace Worn Components:

The suspension system components will need to be replaced regularly. The owner needs to be vigilant in the maintenance and inspection routine and can replace all suspension parts that show signs of wear, deformation, cracks, and bending.

It is best to have your vehicle checked regularly and all the parts replaced routinely.

Always drive with care:

You must maintain a habit of driving safely, as it will prevent all the wear and tear on your suspension components. To help your suspension system, you should follow the below-listed instructions:

  • Follow the speed limits and other regulations on road
  • Also, slow down while turning through corners
  • Drive slow through speed bumps and use the right angle
  • Always try to reduce driving or off-roading by going through deep potholes.


The above steps will help you extend the lifespan of your vehicle’s suspension system. The vehicle suspension system is one of the best things you need to take care of if you want your car to work properly. In that case, you should start looking through online retailers such as X2Industries to understand the available technology better.

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