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Justin Ryan Simpson Amazing Facts That You Didn’t Know Earlier

Justin Ryan Simpson is an American Real Estate Agent. Because his father, O.J Simpson, is a famous personality, he has spent his entire life in the media limelight. However, O.J. and his late ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson have only one kid, Justin.

Years have passed since Justin’s mother was brutally murdered and became well known. Even though his father, O.J., was acquitted of the crime, many people hold him responsible for the entire incident.

But it is all in the past, and Justin is currently leading a peaceful life. Thankfully, the tragic event didn’t last long for Justin and his sister Sydney Brooke Simpson, and they could move on with their lives.

This blog intends to find out what has happened in the past life of Justin Ryan Simpson, how was the relationship between his mother and father, how his mother found dead and how he overcame his trauma.

Let’s look at his life throughout his childhood and what he is doing nowadays.

Childhood and Early Life Details

  1. J. Simpson and Nicole Brown welcomed Justin Ryan Simpson into the world on August 6, 1988, in Los Angeles, California. Justin’s father is a former NFL running back who played for the Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers. He went to acting after his retirement.

His late mother used to serve tables at “The Daisy,” a Beverly Hills exclusive club where his parents initially connected in 1977. Marguerite L. Whitley, to whom his father was previously wed, was divorced in March 1979; on February 2, 1985, he married Nicole.

Did You Know Justin Ryan Simpson’s Trauma in Childhood?

Justin Ryan Simpson was born to a famous father; thus, he has avoided public attention ever since he was a baby. However, after losing their mother, Nicole Brown, in 1994 when they were five and eight, he and his older sister Sydney experienced a strict upbringing.

Justin Ryan Simpson

The children quickly came to the media’s attention due to the custody dispute between their father and their maternal grandparents, Juditha Anne “Judy” Brown and Louis Hezekiel “Lou” Brown, even though it was reported that their grandparents protected them from the news of her passing and their father’s lengthy and public trial for their mother’s murder.

Throughout their father’s legal battle, Justin and his sister spent some of their early years with their maternal grandparents. In 2010, Justin earned his degree from Florida State University.

Despite growing up in the spotlight, Justin has successfully led a tranquil existence with few media appearances. Instead, he and his sister have avoided the entertainment industry and established lucrative businesses as realtors, for which online users frequently compliment them.

How The Death of His Mother Shattered Him?

The parents of Justin Ryan Simpson got separated on February 25, 1992. We would say it was quite a problematic marriage for both of them because his mother was continuously a victim of domestic abuse since their marriage.  It was informed that his mother called 911 in October 1993 because she was so much in fear, and thus, their marriage got ended.

His mother, 35, and her companion, 25-year-old Ron Goldman, were discovered dead on June 13, 1994, in the early morning hours. Stab wounds had killed both.

His father was accused of committing both killings, and he underwent a contentious and widely reported legal proceeding. But in October 1995, he was declared innocent of both offenses.

He was the subject of a civil case filed against him in 1997, which concluded that he was accountable for the victims’ senseless deaths.

Justin Ryan Simpson 2

Details About Justin Ryan Simpson’s Siblings

Justin has more siblings besides Sydney. Arnelle Simpson, Jason Simpson, and Marguerite Aaren Simpson, who tragically passed away at one, are his three half-siblings. All three were born to O.J.’s first wife, Marguerite L. Whitley.

Sydney lost her mother when she was nine years old. She is an intelligent woman with a sociology degree from Boston University.

O.J.’s first kid and Justin’s elder sister is Arnelle. She was present for her father’s prosperous football career because she was born in December 1968. However, Arnelle supposedly had a drinking issue, which strained her relationship with her father.

Jason, who was born in 1970, desires to remain anonymous. There was a hypothesis that Jason was responsible for Nicole’s slaying. Because of Jason’s reported history of assault and substance misuse, private investigator William Dear presented it as a plausible scenario in a book he wrote about. However, William’s allegations were never verified, and Jason was never considered a suspect.

What are the Education and Career Details of Justin Ryan Simpson?

Even though Justin is now in his 30s, building a great career for himself wasn’t simple. Growing up with his family’s issues hanging over him, Justin found school difficult because he was frequently brought up in connection with the infamous incident and court cases. When O.J. was apprehended and found guilty of robbery, his relationship to this sinister background became more pronounced. He persisted, though, and in 2010 he graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurial and small business operations.

The Washington Note reports that Justin has a reported net worth of about $3 million and is currently listed as an agent for the DHM Real Estate Group.

He worked as an agent for Coldwell Banker Homes, and according to his profile on the company’s website, he excels at customer service and negotiation.

Justin Ryan Simpson 1

What is Justin Ryan Simpson up to nowadays? Let’s find out

The entire Simpson family has been the center of attention since the iconic O. J. Simpson murder case first surfaced. The whole time Orenthal was on trial for the alleged murders of his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman, his children Sydney and Justin were kept in a separate room.

Since the lawsuit was concluded in October 1995, there has been a great deal of interest in Justin and Sydney. So let’s find out what Justin is doing right now.

As per reports, he works as a Real Estate Agent in DHM Group. He joined this group of Real Estate in 2018, and it is located in Florida.

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