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Krasinski And Emily Blunt’s Daughter All You Must Know

Like many other famous parents, Krasinski and Emily Blunt are very protective of their children’s privacy. Hazel and Violet are the daughters of this beautiful Hollywood couple.

Their daughters became famous and blew the Internet when their daddy, John Krasinski, shared their cute photos on his Instagram and Twitter. Just like their parents, Hazel and Violet are adorable and have catchy facial features.

This blog will inform you about the Relationship of John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, their married life, children, and other details.

So, keep reading, fellas!

Why Didn’t Krasinski and Emily Blunt Share Their Daughter’s Pictures Earlier?

Because they want to give their kids the most typical upbringing possible, John and Emily, who got married in 2010, keep their family out of the public eye. The couple will occasionally exchange heartwarming updates about their children, though.

What is then their secret? Maybe it’s all about minimizing any potential harm from the spotlight by keeping their family life as private as possible, mainly for their kids.

Even though Hazel and Violet are undoubtedly the centers of their parents’ universes, they have no desire to overshare with the rest of us.

The parents of Hazel and Violet shared on Internet was quite a spice and funny thing.

After becoming a mother, Emily Blunt spoke candidly about how her life has changed.

The actress has been talking openly about how being a stutterer as a youngster affected her as a mother. She offered some guidance to other parents who could also deal with a stutter in a July 2022 interview with Hello! She said, “I am always careful to advise parents that it’s just a part of you, it doesn’t define you, it’s just a piece of who you are. Everyone also has something. And you happen to be good at this. And it’s alright. The other side of the tunnel has light.

About Cute Little Girl, Hazel

Hazel was featured in a snapshot that John Krasinski posted.

The first and only image of Krasinski’s oldest daughter Hazel was posted on Twitter in May 2014. At the time, he tweeted,

“Pictures of kids should only come directly from parents.” “So I’m excited to introduce Hazel to you guys! #NoKidsPolicy.”

Blunt revealed that she had given birth three months previously and that Hazel “came out ready for a picture shoot” since she was so adorable in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. Regarding Krasinski, Blunt referred to her as “the burp king,” which is a natural talent when dealing with a newborn.

Some Crazy Information About Violet

Violet, John and Emily’s daughter, has an old lady’s name. Violet was born to Emily Blunt and John Krasinski in 2016.

Their second daughter’s birth was revealed on July 4, 2016, just over two years later. They named their baby Violet in keeping with their custom of selecting “old lady names,” Blunt said to DeGeneres.

According to People, Blunt also explained to C magazine the distinction between a first and second pregnancy, saying,

“My first pregnancy was so difficult and was a new experience for me because I had to get the massages, morning yoga, and other things. I lose track of the fact that I’m pregnant during this one. I’m slinging a toddler around with me.”

The daughters of Emily Blunt speak with British accents

Since the entire family has been residing in England for the past year, Blunt said in a December interview with Jimmy Kimmel that her girls had acquired British accents.

“My young child sent me a video of her singing “Jingle Bells” with a practically Cockney accent. It resembled Dick Van Dyke performing “Jingle Bells” almost exactly.” To Kimmel, Blunt spoke:

“The craziest accent ever. It was too good, and fortunately, it sounded very British rather than American, and Blunt responded, “I was over the moon.”

Did You Know Hazel is Quite Funny?

The Office star spoke to DeGeneres in February 2020 about his amusing oldest daughter. She allegedly said, “It’s so good… don’t you think you should put images of us up?” when she saw him taking the photos of his family.

Violet Doesn’t Like to See Her Mother In Movies

One respondent had no desire to watch the Disney film Mary Poppins Returns, in which Blunt originated the prominent role of Mary Poppins. Violet, her youngest child. In January 2020, Blunt said, “I heard John ask Violet, ‘Do you want to watch a movie?’ and she said, ‘Yeah, Mary Poppins.'” He asks, “Do you want to watch Julie Andrews or Mommy’s Mary Poppins?” I overheard her reply, “No, no!” Jennifer Andrews, It’s Julie Andrews!

Did You Know Hazel and Violet Are Little Activists Too?

They both decided to give it back to the community during the covid season.

Krasinski revealed on him Some Good News YouTube shows that his two daughters created a t-shirt with sales going to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund in an effort to raise money for workers in the restaurant business, which was hit particularly hard.

John Krasinski is a Proud Daddy of His Daughters!

In January, when Krasinski was hosting Saturday Night Live, he gave his daughters a touching t-shirt tribute by ending the show wearing a shirt with the letters H and V.

Hazel and Violet Don’t Know How Famous Their Parents Are

Blunt acknowledged in a conversation with The Sunday Times that she and Krasinski don’t want their girls to know they are well-known.

She said, “I’d be delighted if they could continue to be unaware for the most extended amount of time.” They aren’t even interested in seeing what I do. Even when I wear cosmetics, they don’t like it.

Hazel, however, is beginning to understand. Blunt said, “It’s a strange thing to notice, you know. We were in the kitchen when [she] returned home the other day and asked,

“Are you famous?”

At least they are confident of one thing, whether or not they discover that their parents are well-known. They are really loved kids.

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