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Rauw Alejandros Height, Bio & Net Worth

He (born January 10th, 1993) is a famous Puerto Rica-based musician, singer, and rapper from Puerto Rico. Rauw is well-known for his popular songs like Tode De Ti, Curame MUSEO, Tode De Ti, and more. Rauw has been producing music for about eight years. Through time, he’s received billions of plays for his original songs. In addition, he’s engaged on popular digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and including Tiktok. Find out more about his height and net worth, as well as his age, wiki, family wife, bio weight siblings, parents, and more. His ethnicity, his sister, his nationality, and much more. Rauw Alejandro

Rauw Alejandro Wiki/Biography

Born into a Puerto Rican family, Rauw Alejandro’s birthday falls on the first day of the year. His real name is the fact that he is a Capricorn by zodiac signs. Although his birthplace was in San Juan, he was mostly educated in Miami, USA. He graduated from high school. He enrolled in a finance class but could not finish it by the midpoint. San Juan, Puerto Rico 10th of January Raul Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz Colegio Maria Auxiliadora.

Rauw Alejandro’s Wife, Parents & Siblings

He is a singer, but, he’s been involved in a relationship with another musician. They started dating in the year 2020, and they have been in a relationship for more than two years. They currently reside in a contemporary house with a value of 2.2 million euros. There are numerous rumors on the internet that claim that the couple has recently been engaged. However, neither has responded to this speculation. If you look at the history of Rauw’s relationships there is a possibility that he has been in at the very least one relationship prior to dating Rosalia.

In the next section, we will discuss the details about his family members the name of his father is, while the name of his mom is. Both parents are involved in music, with his father being a guitarist, and his mother of his is a vocalist backing. According to various online sources, there is a sister who is named. Raul Ocasio Maria Nelly Ruiz Paola Ocasio

Rauw Alejandro Height (5 ‘ 8″), Age (29.5 Years) ( & More

His is as of 2022. Rauw Alejandro’s height is and his weight is around. He has blonde hair and brown eyes. His body stats aren’t available, but the size of his shoes has been determined to be 8.5 (US). If you take a look at his physique and his hairstyle, he is a stunning hairstyle with braids on his head. Actually, he had his ears perforated.

age 29 5 ‘ 8″ 75kg

The career of Rauw Alejandro

As a child, he always dreamed of becoming an elite footballer. It was his goal since the time he was a youngster. To fulfill his ambition, he began to practice the game, and eventually, he made it onto the national team in his home country. But, he was removed from the squad after two seasons because of an improvement in his performance. Then, he announced that he was not able to succeed in football, and he decided to switch to music.

Rauw Alejandro (1)

Rauw Alejandro More Interesting Things

Rauw was born with music in his blood since both of his parents come from a musical background. This made him an excellent musician within just a few years. He was in the US during his childhood, and he was a fan of and adored the R&B musical genre. So, he decided to pursue being a musician in this genre. He was able to meet some of the best R&B performers like Chris Brown with the help of his parents.

The first time he released music was in 2014 via Soundcloud. But, he also made an impact with the release of a mixtape in the year 2016. He was mainly featured on a variety of popular artists such as, etc. Additionally, the musical project he was involved in with the help of his musical talent helped him reach an enormous audience. He started releasing music as a lead performer in the year 2017 and then dropped his first EP on May 2019.

Punto de Equilibrio Ozuna Khea Kevin Roldan

After signing with the label his label back in the year 2017, he joined Song Music Latin after a time. In November 2020, the band released its first studio album. It was his breakthrough album since it ranked at the top of Productores de Musica de Espana and was certified as 6x platinum by RIAA. In the year following the singer released the second album of his studio titled. This album was more than his debut one because it topped the charts at #1 on the Productores de Musica de Espana and US Latin Albums Chart. In addition, the album was acknowledged to be 7x Platinum from RIAA as well as Platinum by AMPROFON and PROMUSICAE. Their most recent release of his was an EP called. Duars Entertainment Afrodisiaco Vice Versa Trap Cake Vol. 2

Rauw Alejandro Net Worth: $17 million

It is (estimated). His main source of income is music. As a musician who releases original music, and earns millions from sales of singles, EPs, and albums. In reality, he earns when performing at a particular music event. He has performed on numerous occasions such as Honda Stage. He also tours various countries, where he earns part of the revenue from the tour. Rauw Alejandro’s net worth is $17 million

A look at one of his sources of income, which is merchandise. When he releases a new EP or album, he offers clothing with a design that is specifically associated with the record or EP. The fans of his music often buy the clothes, which has contributed to the millions of dollars he earned. In addition to music, he’s active in investing his money into important assets, particularly properties.

Awards He Won

He won “National New Urban Artist” award at Premios Tu Musica Urbano in 2019. He was awarded at the SESAC Latina Music Awards, in 2020 for his track “Que Le De” under the category of Winning Songs. Rauw was awarded an award called the “Top Male New Generation” award at Premios Tu Musica Urbano in the year 2020. Rauw was named the”Underdog” of the Year” during the Noise Colectivo Awards 2020. The music video for his hit single Algo Magico earned the Best Animated Video prize at Noise Colectivo Awards 2020.

Facts about Him

He has collaborated with a variety of well-known artists like Bad Bunny. There are more than 44 million subscribers on Spotify. The most streamed song through Spotify can be Todo De Ti with 924 million plays. He’s a wanderlust artist and has traveled to numerous different countries. He’s not active on Twitter currently.

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