General Power of Attorney, remains one of those legal documents that outline how power can be bestowed by one individual (principal or power of attorney in other words) to another (agent or attorney-in-fact). This tool could also be of help when acting and /or dwelling in UAE both the nationals and the expatriates face some or the other struggles in their day-to-day existence. This paper is therefore focused on a critical discussion of what a GPA entails, the legal perspective of a general power of attorney UAE particularly in Dubai as well as the application of the theory in practice.

  • The law of UAE specifically the Civil Code and other federal laws empower the agreement and use of GPAs in the country. In the UAE, obtaining a GPA makes the agent a very powerful individual with a full mandate to act on behalf of the principal in most aspects of the principal’s life including purchasing property, and opening an account with a bank, among other activities.
  • Key features of a GPA
  • Wide Range of Authority: An agent with a GPA is usually able to handle several different matters, such as but not restricted to:
  • handling financial accounts
  • signing agreements
  • purchasing or disposing of real estate
  • managing commercial exchanges
  • representing the principal in judicial or governmental proceedings
  • Revocability: If the principal is of sound mind and follows the required legal processes, they may revoke the GPA at any moment.
  • Duration: Unless otherwise specified in the document, the GPA continues in force until it is specifically cancelled or the principal passes away.
  • Notarization: In the United Arab Emirates, a GPA’s legal validity requires notarization by a public notary. By taking this step, you can be guaranteed that financial institutions and government agencies will accept the document.
  • Formulating and carrying out a GPA in Dubai
  • Writing the Document: The GPA needs to be written precisely, outlining the authority given to the agent. Even though you can write a GPA on your own, it’s best to consult a lawyer to make sure all legal subtleties are included.
  • Notarization: A public notary in Dubai must be consulted over the draft GPA. Identification and, if required, supporting documentation must be provided by the principal and the agent, if they are present. Before sealing the paper, the notary confirms the parties’ identity and its contents.
  • Translation: An official translation is needed if the GPA was written in a language other than Arabic. The notary office can help with this or point you in the direction of approved translation providers.
  • Registration: The GPA may need to be registered with the appropriate authorities, such as the Dubai Land Department, in some circumstances, particularly concerning real estate transactions.
  • Uses of a GPA in real-world 
  • Business management: A GPA is a crucial tool for expats and business owners in Dubai to assign authority to reliable people, guaranteeing seamless operations while they are away. It permits the carrying out of business operations like:
  •  signing business agreements
  • Taking care of business accounts
  • supervising problems of employees
  • Transactions in real estate: In Dubai, the real estate industry is big, and a GPA can help with a lot of different property-related transactions. A GPA gives the agent the authority to handle talks, sign contracts, and complete transactions on behalf of the principal whether they are purchasing, leasing, or selling real estate.
  • Individual concerns: A GPA can be used to assess personal issues as well as business and financial ones, including:
  • Making judgments about medicine
  • Handling individual belongings
  • Managing the procedures of government
  • Money matters: Taking care of finances can be challenging, particularly for people who live overseas or travel regularly. An agent’s GPA enables them to:
  • control bank accounts
  • Invest
  • take care of tax-related issues
  • Carry out monetary transactions
  • Restrictions & things to think about although a GPA gives the agent a great deal of authority, there are some restrictions and things to be aware of:
  • Faith: Since the agent will have substantial authority over the principal’s business, the principal must have implicit faith in them.
  • Specificity: To prevent any abuse or misconceptions, it is imperative to be explicit about the rights granted in the GPA.
  • Legal advice: Getting legal counsel at the outset of the drafting process guarantees that the GPA conforms with all applicable laws and successfully fulfills its intended purpose.
  • Revocation: To ensure that the revocation is accepted by all pertinent parties, it is important to understand and adhere to the process of revoking a GPA.
  • Dubai’s General Power of Attorney Solutions: Dubai provides a variety of services and solutions to make the establishment and administration of GPAs easier. Among them are:
  • Legal aid: Drafting GPAs is a specialty of many law firms and legal consultants, who provide professional guidance to ensure the document appropriately reflects the principal’s wishes and complies with all legal requirements.
  • Notary public services: For notarizing GPAs, public notaries in Dubai offer full services that include identity verification, guaranteeing adherence to legal requirements, and if needed, official translations.
  • Internet-based services: Technology has advanced to the point that certain services allow users to draft and notarize GPAs online, making it more convenient for people who are unable to physically contact notaries. These tools frequently offer customers procedure guidance, guaranteeing that all legal stages are appropriately accomplished.
  • State assistance: Resources and assistance for registering and managing GPAs are available from Dubai government institutions, such as the Dubai Land Department and the Dubai Courts, especially for real estate and legal matters.

Regarding the UAE and Dubai where often local citizens and foreign expatriates are required to delegate the management of various personal, financial, and commercial affairs, a general power of attorney is a solid and dynamic tool. General POA solutions in Dubai encompass a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of both residents and expatriates, ensuring seamless management of personal and business affairs. Understanding the legal framework, the writing process and practical applications of a GPA ensures that people can proceed with their affairs knowing they have a secure working environment. A GPA serves as a flexible and reliable system to address business management, property-related issues, financial issues, or other affairs underneath the complex realities of today’s Dubai lifestyle.

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