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Sheree Zampino Bio Lifestyle, Height, Age & More

Sheree Zampino is popular as the queen of a reality show, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and more importantly, being the ex-wife of Will Smith. 

Today’s blog will uncover some important aspects of her life, including her Wikipedia, her relationship with her ex-husband, children, Instagram, net worth, and much more.

So, grab your popcorn and let the journey start!

Sheree Zampino Wikipedia

She is a well-known actress and supermodel. She was born on November 16, 1967. Sheree is from New York and Schenectady. She is primarily recognized for her celebrity past aside from that.

According to our investigation, Zampino adores her family a lot. Let us clarify. Sheree is of mixed ethnicity and was born to her parents in New York. Her mother, Pat Zampino, was a housewife, and her father, Les Zampino, worked as a clerk in a nearby school.

Richard Zampino and David Zampino were Sheree’s two siblings, and Sheree was all raised by her parents. Since she lost her mother in 2008, she celebrates and remembers her birthday every year. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! And a particular mention for everybody who is missing their mother right now. Mom, you are loved.

Bodily Features of Sheree

She is 4 ft 11 inches in height and weighs 53 kgs. If we talk about her hair, it is black, and her skin tone is tanned. She has black eye color. 

Marriage and Family Details

Sheree Zampino Will Smith

Her first husband was Will Smith, and the name of her second husband is Terrell Fletcher. There is much information regarding her contentious marriage life in the media. She marries twice throughout her life. 

According to rumors, the name of the great actress, designer, and businesswoman Sheree Zampino was connected to that of Will Smith. Smith and Shree first met in 1991 while working on the set of “A Different World,” and their friendship lasted for a very long time.

This pair chose to get married in 1992 after one year of dating. But because their union could not last longer than three years, they divorced in 1995. Their inability to assume significant responsibilities was the cause of their parting.  They continue to be close friends.

On May 26, 2007, Sheree wed Terrell Fletcher for a second time. Let us inform you that Terrell Fletcher was formerly a member of the National Football League. Her second marriage, however, was also annulled in 2015 due to personal reasons.

Career and Professional Life

Sheree Zampino is a well-known public figure who is exceptionally talented, according to postings on social media. Sheree Zampino has always been passionate about fashion and the fashion business. When she made up her mind to pursue her career as a Fashion Designer, she enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology to seek a career as a fashion designer.

She also worked in local shops and stores to gain experience, knowledge, and facts about her field. She started with “Whoop Ash” in 2009, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position.

Later, in 2014, she established the clothes and accessories business “SHEREE ELIZABETH.” She additionally promotes her brands on social media by using those accounts.

Sheree Zampino is an entrepreneur in addition to being a businesswoman. In 2009, she started her entrepreneurial career. She started her apparel and accessories business in 2014. On her social media pages, Sheree also advertises her merchandise, which includes designer belts, boots, shirts, tops, swabs, bangles, scarves, and handbags. By 2017, she takes over as the CEO of her own business and did an excellent job of managing her workload.

Lifestyle Details

Being born in Los Angeles, but her family brought her up in California. As we have learned from sources, Sheree’s full name is Sheree Elizabeth Zampino. Sheree has been fascinated with the fashion world since she was young. She hasn’t shared much about her early life, though.

Sheree is an American national and practices Christianity in addition to that. She comes from an ethnically diverse background as well. Her amazing social media content, which includes videos, photographs, tutorials, fashion, etc., is how the former social media influencer impacts her admirers.

Net Worth of Sheree Zampino

Now a mother and a single lady, Sheree Zampino. She and her family are having a luxurious time. It’s assumed that she owns a sizable collection of pricey automobiles. 

Her house in Los Angeles is a sizable, lavish home. Her house has several groups of expensive couches, curtains, and furnishings. She also receives substantial cash from her business and certain paid subscriptions. 

As of 2021, Sheree Zampino’s net worth is anticipated to be approximately $6 million, and we have found nothing relevant to her assets on her social media. 

Sheree Zampino’s Instagram and Facebook

Sheree is a strong, independent woman who inspires others. She is active on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. Zampino engages with her followers by uploading pictures. The well-known businesswoman is adored and complimented for her appearance and character.

Are There Some Controversies Related to Her?

According to the sources, Will Smith’s first marriage to Zampino ended in January 2016. She claimed on social media that she saw him in bed with Hollywood manager Benny Medina, fuelling rumors that the actor is secretly homosexual.

A few days later, Zampino posted a video to her Facebook page criticizing Arquette for spreading rumors about people she doesn’t know while standing up for her ex-husband and asserting that their marriage didn’t end because of his adultery but rather because she was unhappy.

Some Unknown Facts About Her

  • She is a nice mother and businesswoman in addition to an actress.
  • She also worked as a guest host on the program “The Real Day Time” in December.
  • On her social media platforms, Sheree enjoys advertising her goods.
  • She used to work in tiny shops at the start of her career to get expertise and information.
  • In addition to TV shows, Zampino starred in several short films, including “As when the Time Comes” and “And our Journey.”
  • Her favorite pastime is globetrotting and traveling.
  • Sheree is the best leader in the house and a designer. 
  • She loves to make a good meal for her kids. 
  • We assume that Sheree Zampino loves colorful glasses and has a huge collection based on her Instagram picture.
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