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What is Content AI and Why Should Businesses Take Notice

Nowadays, businesses are constantly talking about content – content creation, content management, etc. Most of the time, people are talking about content marketing, but it goes well beyond that. The fact is that businesses create a lot of materials every single day. From documents – e.g. contracts, invoices, business proposals – that are used internally, or between partners and clients; not to mention marketing and brand content, which can include images, video and audio files, and more.

With the ever-growing amount of content that the average business needs to manage, what can be done to make things easier? The answer is Content AI, a new category of technology that seeks to help businesses intelligently manage their business materials. We discussed this with TechQuarters, an IT company and Microsoft Partner who specialise in managed IT services London businesses have used for many years – a lot of their work is to do with connecting their clients with solutions that make their work easier.

Ai Content

Content Management

This new form of technology is currently not the most well-known. When most people hear it, they think of using AI to generate content, but this is not the case. Content AI is more about using AI to make the organisation and management of content easier for a business. According to TechQuarters, Microsoft recently announced a new solution – Microsoft Syntex – that was build precisely for this purpose.

So, why is there a need for this type of solution? It comes down to the increasing digitization, and indeed, the increasing use of multimedia content for branding.

Digital technologies have helped organizations speed up their processes considerably. A basic example would be email, which replaced physical letters and memos decades ago. In that same vein, businesses have been moving further and further away from physical media (namely paper) and becoming increasingly more digitized. In fact, many businesses these days are fully paperless.

Though going paperless does speed up many processes in business, the challenge is keeping all of that digital data managed properly. As TechQuarters can attest from their experience providing IT support financial services organisations rely on, there are many instances where securely and accurately managing business content is not only crucial, but a legal obligation.

Unstructured Data

Another thing to consider is the increase in unstructured data. This is data like videos and images, which cannot be easily categorized by standard computing processes. With more and more businesses prioritising multimedia content creation as part of their content marketing, there is a need for efficiently organising and managing unstructured data.

So, as you can see, there is definitely a growing need for Content AI, but what are some examples of how it can work?

Content AI

Content management is the way in which business store and work with content. This sounds simple, but there are lots of ways in which it happens in an organisations. Solutions the new product Microsoft have developed – Syntex – aim to provide streamlined functionalities for managing content in different ways. Below are some examples…

  1. Document Processing

One of the proposed ways in which AI can be used for content management is with intelligent document processing. This would be done by using signifiers – such as tags, or metadata – to make it easier for AI to recognise, classify, and organise documentation.

  1. Multimedia Processing

One of the challenges of multimedia content is that it can be harder to search, when compared to text-based content like documents, notes, or emails. Examples of using AI to make processing multimedia easy is image and character recognition, which can be used to make image searching possible.

  1. Translations

Given the international nature of modern business, it is important that a business has the means to translate content into other languages, or translate content into their own language. Leveraging AI can make this process much quicker and easier.

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