John William Gurley (conceived May 10, 1966) is an American financial specialist. He is a general accomplice at Benchmark, a Silicon Valley funding firm in San Francisco, California. He is recorded reliably on the Forbes Midas Rundown and is viewed as one of the top dealmakers in the American innovation industry. Training and early vocation John William Gurley was brought into the world in Dickinson, Texas, beyond Houston, on May 10, 1966. Gurley moved on from the College of Florida in 1989 with a Four year education in science certificate. While at the College of Florida, he was an individual from the men’s ball group. Gurley accepted his Lords of Business Organization degree from the College of Texas McCombs Institute of Business in 1993. Preceding his venture vocation, Gurley was a plan engineer at Compaq PC, where he dealt with items, for example, the 486/50 and Compaq’s first multi-processor server.

Before Compaq, he worked in the specialized advertising gathering of AMD’s implanted processor division. Gurley was an accomplice at Hummer Wimbled Adventure Accomplices. He had likewise burned through four years on Money Road as an examination expert, including three years at CS First Boston. He was thought of “one of Money Road’s chief innovation examiners.” He covered organizations including Dell, Compaq and Microsoft and was the lead examiner on the Initial public offering.


At Benchmark, Gurley has driven interests in and holds board seats on more brilliant, DogVacay, Great Eggs, GrubHub, HackerOne, Linden Lab, LiveOps, Nextdoor, OpenTable, Sailthru, Scale Figuring, Fasten Fix, Vessel, and Zillow. Different ventures of his have included: Avamar Advances (obtained by EMC Organization), (gained by R.H. Donnelley), (gained by CBS Intelligent), Demandforce (procured by Intuit), Employees (obtained by ADP, Inc.), JAMDAT Portable (procured by Electronic Expressions), (gained by Nordstrom), (gained by eBay), The Bunch, Uber, and Vudu (procured by Walmart).

2008 downturn

With the monetary breakdown in the fall of 2008, Gurley earned consideration when he sent a letter to his portfolio organizations, encouraging Presidents to practice alert in spending however to search for and make the most of chances that become accessible during unforgiving financial times. In a 2015 meeting Gurley said of private tech contributing, “It’s my conviction that Silicon Valley and the endeavor upheld organizations have moved into a world that is both speculative and unreasonable.” Gurley’s alerts, and posts on his own blog, Over the Group, on funding spending, have been broadly examined in the business.


Gurley left Uber’s directorate in June 2017. The declaration was delivered one day after the organization reported the acquiescence of President Travis Kalanick following a very long time of contention over Uber’s corporate culture. A counselor for Uber during claims of wrongdoing and lewd behavior, Gurley was supposedly instrumental in the acquiescence of President Travis Kalanick. Gurley supposedly had a cozy relationship with Chief Travis Kalanick. He was Uber’s most connected with board part and the nearest thing Mr. Kalanick had to a consigliere. Gurley shared his help for Kalanick on Twitter, expressing “There will be many pages in the set of experiences books dedicated to @travisk – not very many business visionaries lastingly affect the world.” In April 2020, The Money Road Diary detailed that Gurley would move away from Benchmark as he was not putting resources into another asset that his funding firm was raising.

In 2021, Gurley freely conceded that he has an individual situation in Ether, the second-biggest digital currency behind Bitcoin. The news came as a shock since the financial backer is mostly engaged with stocks, yet Gurley communicated that the Ethereum people group prevailed upon him despite the fact that he was late engaging with crypto.

J William Gurley net worth

The assessed total assets of J William Gurley is no less than $1.1 Billion bucks starting around 2024-05-15. J William Gurley is the 10% Proprietor of Zendesk Inc and claims around 8,771,173 portions of Zendesk Inc (Harmony) stock worth more than $680 Million. J William Gurley is the 10% Proprietor of New Artifact Inc and claims around 4,770,638 portions of New Artifact Inc (NEWR) stock worth more than $415 Million. J William Gurley is likewise the 10% Proprietor of Blended Inc and claims around 1,374,798 portions of Intersecting Inc (CFLT) stock worth more than $43 Million. Other than these, J William Gurley likewise holds Fasten Fix Inc (SFIX), Zillow Gathering Inc (Z), and Plentifulness Inc (AMPL).

How Bill Gurley did made his net worth?

Investor John Gurley, otherwise called Bill, began working for a showcasing bunch for Cutting edge Miniature Gadgets. However he had a monetary and solid designing foundation. Following a stretch in specialized promoting, he turned into a plan engineer for Compaq, which was once a fruitful PC maker. After Compaq, Gurley turned into an accomplice at Hummer Winblad Adventure Accomplices and invested some energy in Money Road as an examination examiner, driving him into a lifelong in effective financial planning. Of note, Gurley was the lead examiner for Amazon’s Initial public offering in 1997.

Gurley established Benchmark, a Silicon Valley funding organization. He holds speculations and seats on the leading group of a few organizations, including Zillow, Vessel, Fasten Fics, Great Eggs, and numerous others. Gurley was an early financial backer in Uber, siphoning the organization’s cash safes with a $12 million venture when they were as yet a startup. Yet, notwithstanding his stake in the quickly developing Uber, things were lurching crazy as the ride-hailing organization’s President Travis Kalanick became entangled in an endless series of debates.

In 2017, in the wake of collecting a gathering of similar financial backers and Uber board individuals, Kalanick was persuaded to leave. How has Bill Gurley spent his riches? As indicated by reports, Bill Gurley is hitched to May. Several has three kids. The family lives in Atherton, California, a suburb famous with the very much obeyed VC set.

His genuinely customary — however without a doubt costly — family home has been the location of a few fights by Uber administrators. During the Coronavirus pandemic, Gurley and a few Silicon Valley fat cats drove by Sheryl Sandberg set up Second Gather, a food bank noble cause. Their seed financing came to $5.5 million. Charge Gurley carries on with an exceptionally confidential life, and there isn’t a lot of in that frame of mind about his ways of managing money or resources.


What was Bill’s Uber investment?

He is most known for his $12 million investment in Uber in 2011, which increased to $7 billion when the company went public in 2019. Last month, he spoke at the All-In Summit about “2851 Miles”.

Did Bill Gurley ever play basketball?

Gurley got his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida in 1989. He played in the University of Florida’s men’s basketball team.

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