Cole Hennessey and Kristal Kim’s wedding in Lake Como, Italy, became a hot topic online after Cole sprayed Kristal with champagne. The couple, who tied the knot earlier this month, found themselves at the center of an internet controversy after the video was shared on social media.

In the now-deleted TikTok video, Cole and Kristal were celebrating with their guests when Cole decided to pop a bottle of champagne and spray it on his new wife.  The reactions from guests and online viewers were immediate and mixed.

One person (@ericriveracooks) from tweeted, “Come on man. Like, no,” while another said, “If my husband did that to me on my wedding day, he’d end up in the lake.” Another comment read, “The wedding would be over if that happened to me. I can’t believe he did that on our big day.”

Former wrestler Branden also weighed in on the situation by tweeting photos of the viral couple with the caption, “They’ve been dating for 8 years. They’ll be fine. Y’all need to let people have fun and stop being miserable.”

Despite the negative comments, Kristal seemed happy and kept smiling and laughing during the video. She even joined in and sprayed champagne back at Cole. An off-camera woman initially said, “No! Not on her,” but then encouraged Kristal to spray Cole back.

On Thursday, Cole responded to the controversy by posting a smiling selfie with Kristal on his Instagram Story. He wrote, “Day one of honeymoon: I’m getting canceled on the internet for having fun [with] my wife.” 

The next day, he posted another photo of Kristal holding a bottle of champagne with the caption, “Honeymoon day two: more champagne.”

Although the original video was taken down, Cole’s sister Emma reposted it on her TikTok account (@emmyhennyyy), where it has already received over a million views. The video shows guests telling Cole not to spray champagne on Kristal, but he did it anyway, and Kristal handled it gracefully.

According to the Daily Mail this wedding took place at the luxurious Relais Villa Regina Teodolinda, which costs  between $172,000 to $227,000 per weekend. Despite the beautiful setting, the champagne incident stole the spotlight. Kristal’s father walked her down the aisle under an umbrella due to rain, but the ceremony itself went smoothly.

Wedding expert Muriel Saldalamacchia ranks Relais Villa Regina Teodolinda among her top 10 favorite wedding venues in Lake Como. The venue, once home to Queen Teodolinda of the Lombards, offers stunning views of Lake Como and has six spacious suites.

While some people online criticized Cole for his actions, others defended him. One TikToker commented, “She took it like a champ. Respect to her, but that guy is something else. Why would you do that?” Another added, “He was just too excited. I’d be a little upset, but at least he let her get him back lol.”

In the end, the newlyweds seem to be enjoying their honeymoon despite the online backlash. Cole’s lighthearted response and Kristal’s apparent happiness suggest that the champagne incident did not ruin their special day.

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