It’s likely that Manny Khoshbin is living your wildest dreams if you like fancy sports cars. It’s no secret that the real estate mogul has a huge collection of expensive cars that he brags about on Instagram and YouTube. Of course, you may not know much else about Khoshbin other than the amazing cars you’ve seen online. Find out more about Manny Khoshbin and how he got to where he is now by reading on.

When you see someone who was born into a wealthy family, it’s easy to think that your bad luck is because you grew up poor. But today we’re going to tell you a story that will show you that anyone can be very successful, even a young immigrant who doesn’t have any money, schooling, or even language skills.

Many years ago, when Iran was at war with Iraq, Manny Khoshbin began his amazing trip. He was strong, determined, and the perfect example of the American dream. At that time, things were hard, and Manny’s father was afraid that he would have to join the army when he was only 14. To keep his family safe, he made a big choice: they would move to the United States.  They found their new life in America to be hard when they got here. The Khoshbin family had to switch things up quickly because they didn’t speak English and were having major money problems. It was necessary for Manny to take English as a Second Language (ESL) classes his first two years of school in order to understand what was going on around him. They were living in a 1972 Datsun station wagon since they were broke. It was meant to be a car for transportation, but it ended up being their temporary home for the six family members.

However, Manny wasn’t stopped. He set his sights on becoming very wealthy. An intense need, or mission, for a better life drove him to success. He eventually made that idea come true by using the same technology that everyone else did. With almost no money and few opportunities, he used the internet to learn about, study, and finally buy his first investment property, a Gardena, California, single-family home.

Starting out as an entrepreneur

Khoshbin opened his first business when he was very young. At age 18, he opened his first business, a swap meet. Khoshbin was determined and smart about business, which helped him succeed even though things were hard at first.

Real Estate Business

Khoshbin has been in real estate since the early 1990s. He started by buying run-down houses and turning them into businesses that made him money. Khoshbin has built a huge real estate business over the years that now goes through several U.S. states.

The Khoshbin Company

Khoshbin began the Khoshbin Company, a real estate business company, in 1992. The business focuses on buying, managing, and building on commercial properties. The Khoshbin Company has been very important to Khoshbin’s wealth growth.

Manny Khoshbin net worth 2024

According to the research of Techiegamers and Manny Khoshbin’s net worth is a huge $80 million. Most of his money comes from real estate, but some of it also comes from book sales, YouTube, and his mentorship program, Contrarian Academy, where he helps people who want to invest in real estate find their way.

Initial hurdles on the way to success

After saving up $20,000, Manny invested it in a gas station business with a friend. Unfortunately, he lost everything when the business turned out to be a scam and he lost everything he had invested.

Looking into different markets

Manny kept going even when things went wrong. He got a job in the business of home loans. He did really well there and made $290,000 in his first year, when he was only 22 years old. After that, Manny opened a store called 79 Cents Plus. It did well at first, but other shops helped it get better over time. Manny still wanted to do well and learn. He bought and sold stocks and made $700,000.

Personal Life

Khoshbin is married to Leyla Milani, who used to be an actor and model. They live in Newport Coast, California, with their two kids. Khoshbin’s personal life is just as fancy as his work life. He has a fancy home and a fancy way of life.


Even though Khoshbin is rich now, he hasn’t forgotten how he got there. He does a lot of good things for others and often gives money to causes that are important to him. His charitable work shows more about his character and values.

Khoshbin’s strategies for the Future

Khoshbin is still adding to his collection of homes and cars. In order to make even more money, he also wants to get into other types of business.

Lessons that you should learn from Manny Khoshbin

Khoshbin’s story shows how strong willpower, hard work, and endurance can be. His rise from being a poor immigrant to a multimillionaire can teach us a lot about how to be persistent and start our own businesses.

Frequently asked questions

How did that guy Manny Khoshbin get so rich?

Gradually, he built his empire by buying things like a shopping centre and two bank-owned houses. With care and time, he closed deals worth nine figures. The best thing he ever did was make $50 million from one real estate deal.

Which of Manny Khoshbin’s cars is the most expensive?

Many people think that Khoshbin’s most expensive car is this Bugatti Chiron. Like all of his other Hermès cars, this one-of-a-kind car was ordered in 2015 and took four years to plan and build.

How valuable is Manny Khoshbin’s automobile collection?

He runs the business real estate company The Khoshbin Company as president and CEO. He is thought to be worth around $100 million, which he has used to buy a number of spectacular supercars. The value of his collection of cars is thought to be $20 million.


Manny Khoshbin is a famous example of a person who went from being poor to becoming rich. He became rich even though he didn’t come from a wealthy family. A lot of other people have been motivated by his path to success. His net worth keeps going up every day because his real estate company is doing so well and the business has so much hope.

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